Biscuits just like Grandma used to make,
full of nature's goodness!

Valdiflor is a Belgian confectionery company, specializing in the confection of traditional butter biscuits and meringues.

The secret to their authentic and irresistible taste? These biscuits and meringues are all natural and baked according to traditional, artisanal methods. And of course there are no added colourants or preservatives, just like in the olden days, and you sure can taste it!

Valdiflor's mission? To bring back delicious, long-lost or forgotten tea-time goodies with authentic recipes from the 1960s. Valdiflor biscuits have been an essential ingredient in every joyous moment for the past 25 years, so there is no denying this mission is a success.


Traditional craftsmanship baked right in!

Why are these traditional biscuits and meringues so sinfully delicious? Valdiflor uses only the highest-quality raw ingredients and vegetable fats, and absolutely no preservatives, colour or taste enhancers…the first bite will whisk you back in time!

Large assortment of butter biscuits and meringues

From traditional butter biscuits with fruits of the forest, almonds or marzipan to real Ghent gingersnaps – Valdiflor's assortment of goodies is truly heaven on earth for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Longing for the authentic charm of Grandma's tea-time delectables, a range of traditional meringues in soft pastel colours was recently added to the assortment.  Valdiflor bakes these scrumptious treats to divine perfection: ensconced in glorious crispiness is the heavenly soft centre. The meringues are available in an array of flavours:  chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, mocha and gingerbread.

Strawberry jam

strawberry jam maltitol sweetened

Apricot jam

Forest fruit jam

Raspberry jam

4 fruit jam

Artisanal chocolate spread

Acacia honey


Old fashioned gingerbread without sugar

Small gingerbread with candy

Gingerbread apple raisin

White chocolate bar - praline

Milk chocolate bar - praline

Fondant chocolate bar - praline

Petit Four Lemon

Petit Four Moccha

Petit Four Natural

Petit Four Orange

Petit Four Pistachio

Petit Four Strawberry

Taste our delicious butter biscuits and Petit Fours!


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